Friday 24 February 2012   Bible Study - Mr G D Buss  -  Avoiding foolish and unlearned questions

"But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes."  2 Timothy 2:23

Examples of foolish or difficult questions:
  • "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies."  2 Thessalonians 3:10-11
  • "Therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven?...."  Matthew 22:28
  • "....How are the dead raised up? and with what body do they come?"  1 Corinthians 15:35
  • "....Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?"  Matthew 18:1
  • "....and what shall this man do?"  John 21:21
  • "....Lord, wilt Thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?"  Acts 1:6
  • "....What is the cause that the former days were better than these?...."  Ecclesiastes 7:10
  • "....Lord, are there few that be saved?...."  Luke 13:23
  • "Is it lawful for us to give tribute unto Caesar, or no?"  Luke 20:22
  • "....but what sayest Thou?"  John 8:5
  • "Philip saith unto Him, Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us."  John 14:8
Questions we should be asking:
  • "What think ye of Christ?"  Matthew 22:42
  • "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"  Acts 16:30
  • "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?"  Acts 9:6
  • "Is the LORD among us, or not?"  Exodus 17:7
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