Troubleshooting - what to do if you are unable to connect to the 'live' services

We only webcast our services 'live' when our pastor is preaching. Prayer meetings, reading services, or services when a visiting minister is preaching, are usually not webcast publicly (to listen to these, you will require a user name and password).
The audio stream will become available a few minutes before the service is due to start.

Because our listeners use a wide range of different computers, mobile devices, software and apps, it is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what is preventing you from listening to the webcast.
Apps and browser software are regularly updated, so although you may have listened without difficulties in the past, our webcast may suddenly have stopped working for you.

If you are unable to connect, you may wish to try some or all of the following suggestions:
  1. use our Calendar to check the service times; visiting ministers and prayer meetings are not usually available
  2. access the webcast page through our website, not from a link that you may have saved or bookmarked - go to:
  3. check if the Adobe Flash player is installed on your device; if you don't have Flash, you may still be able to listen by clicking on one or more of the links to the alternative media players, below the blue 'Listen Live' button
  4. refresh your browser: press CTRL + F5 keys simultaneously, or close and re-open again
  5. if you are using a mobile device, try connecting it to a different WiFi network, eg by asking a friend or neighbour; this will indicate if your home WiFi connection might be the cause of the problem
  6. when listening on a mobile phone, try using your data connection, instead of WiFi
  7. re-boot your computer, tablet or phone
  8. re-boot your modem and router
  9. check if your web browser software/app is up-to-date; if not, download the latest version - see:
  10. clear the cookies and cache (history) stored in your browser - see:
  11. use a different web browser to connect to the webcast; your tablet, phone, laptop or computer may already have an alternative browser installed (eg Chrome, Firefox), or you could download a new one; use this webpage to find out more:
  12. clear your local DNS cache: this will depend on your device - see:
  13. change your DNS: you could try using OpenDNS or Google Public DNS, which are free to use  [Caution: we recommend that you only try this option if you are confident that you understand what you need to do]
It is also a good idea to close unused apps, browser tabs or windows, and to ensure that you have just one connection to the webcast open at any time.

If you have tried the above suggestions and are still unable to connect, please contact us.